Developing general-purpose CEM codes is both challenging, costly and has in the past belonged to government sponsorship. Though in the last few decades, commercial codes have reached general acceptance in the market and the process of refining a 3D mesh continues to improve.

To this end, Plexus3D will be released under a proprietary license and aims to be a tool which aids users in the validation of meshes and with the addition of extended features, make the complex RF modelling process easier for both experts and nonexperts alike seeking a highly customizable and robust preprocessor to integrate into CEM toolchains. Eventually, the idea is to extend beyond the realm of preprocessing.

It’s going to take a bit to get things moving piece-by-piece throughout the year, however, updates will get posted here. Feel free to email about features, roadmaps, development, or whatever your interest may be and I’ll be happy to converse.

As of this post, the Plexus3D domain is active with aspirations of generating interest with users that are seeking additional solutions.


Plexus3D developer.