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CEM RF Surface Modeling

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Plexus3D Software

Plexus3D provides the basic operations for the preprocessing of an imported mesh. It will detect non-manifold issues by post-processing the geometery with edge analyses for the purpose of validating a mesh after generation. At this early stage, Plexus3D is available for Linux and will target other platforms.


RF Surface Modeling

With the addition of the CEMPlex module, Plexus3D is enabled for RF surface modeling, an early phase of simulating the behavior of electromagnetic fields with objects and their environment. This phase within the tool-chain is performed by generating a database from which users query to build input files custom to their solvers with applied boundary conditions for measuring antenna performance or calculating electromagnetic wave propagation. CEMPlex will be available mid-2021.


Custom Development

Users may have custom requirements that they wish integrated within their tool chain and we're more than happy to implement features or customize Plexus3D for your needs. An important feature commonly desired by teams is the surface modeling results which will most likely be exported into a users solver via a network interface or as a custom file format. If you have custom requirements and are looking for a solution, please feel free to contact us to discuss alternatives.